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Monday, October 18, 2004

He's angry, and he's not going to take it anymore...

By Bill Mann (TMF Otter)
October 14, 2004 Arrogant, or Desperate? [Motley Fool Take] October 14, 2004: "I have a deep well of ire, and this week the company that has raised it is Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX). Some dear friends of ours gave us a three-month gift subscription to Netflix, which we enjoyed thoroughly. One would think, though, at the end of a gift subscription, that a company would let you know that, for the first time, your credit card was going to be charged should you wish to continue with the service. So being a naturally unaware person, without such notification I allowed the three-month mark to come and go without canceling. I missed by one day. It's not really the company's business to save me from myself, so my fault.

But check this out: When I went to the Netflix site to cancel, one day too late, I found that I could cancel at any moment, but at the moment I cancel, my subscription ends, and company policy is for no refund for the unused portion of the month to be granted. Miss canceling by a day? That's $23." Read more.

Af if you didn't already have enough reasons.


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