Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Talk amongst yourselves

If you like discussing what's in your Netflix queue, or movie ideas for your queue, or how Netflix operates, etc, here are some options. I know there are gazillions of other forums for discussing movies in general. These recommendations are specifically for finding other Netflix users:

Tribe is "A place to meet and interact with friends and others who share your interests." There's a Netflix Queue tribe! Share and discuss your queue with other Netflix members.

Disclaimer: it's still Beta, which means it could still have bugs in it, I guess.

Google is experimenting with Usenet-type discussion groups. It's also in Beta. I've already found and joined the Netflix Users group. You'll need to have a free Google account to sign in, or you can use your Gmail account, which you can sign up for if you're a Blogger user.

There's my favorite: the Yahoo! Netflix Operations discussion group. To join, you need a Yahoo! user id.