Wednesday, April 21, 2004


I returned 4 titles yesterday, so last night was a Netflix-free deadzone. I had to go to Hollywood Video. I rented The Manchurian Candidate, Owning Mahony, and Reservoir Dogs, so now I can remove them from my queue. Good news is that I can keep them all until Sunday and it was only $8.54. I must have had a $ credit left over.

More good news is that Netflix received my four titles TODAY and is shipping their replacements TODAY. They had to skip the top three in my queue to find one immediately available. I have a lot of rare silent titles from the 20's at the top. They're rare because the old films cost so much to restore. The DVDs are expensive, usually in excess of $20 even on Amazon, new or used.

I broke my promise to myself, which was that I wouldn't add anything else to my queue. I wanted to see a sample of William S. Hart's work, because he's supposed to be the prototypical authentic cowboy, so I rented a couple of his titles which are in the silent Western genre. One of them also contains a Will Rogers spoof.

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