Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Qwikster fan?

Not. Qwikster represents the beginning of the end of the DVD. DVDs are old school. I am a movie fan first and foremost. It doesn't matter to me how I get my movie fix. I was one of the first to buy a Roku box and get my Netflix movies streamed to my TV. However, I am one of those who will be moved to Qwikster, because I still have to have my movies on DVD.

The reasons I still want my movies on DVD:

Even with an HD TV and broadband, the picture quality is still better on DVDs most of the time. I admit this is probably my fault. It's cheaper to get DVDs from Netflix than to increase what I pay for broadband in order to possibly improve picture quality.

Of the 455 titles in my queue, only 176 are available instantly.

Optional subtitles, especially on English-language films. Try watching Trainspotting or The Hill (1965) or without them. Oops, bad example. The Hill is available only on DVD.

P.S. I'm still in shock as to Netflix splitting up. The name Qwikster makes me think this is all a bad joke and we're being pwned. It sounds like a mashup of Quitter and Flix. I thought about buying the name qwiksterfan, but I'm not going to do it.