Friday, February 15, 2008

DVD killed the Video star

Since I joined Netflix, I have bought about 50 videotapes of movies which still aren't on DVD. Some of my pre-recorded videotapes are worth selling or donating, but hundreds more contain TV series and movies recorded from TV (ie: every episode of Babylon 5 and Xena: Warrior Princess).

Now that DVD has killed the VHS, what are you going to do with all those old videotapes? I don't want to dump them in the landfill, so I looked into my recycling options.

I was researching this issue on the Web, when I came across this list of videotape recycling companies. Unfortunately, they are all on the Left Coast. There is Tropical Media, a company in Burbank, CA, which recycles VHS, Beta, etc. GreenDisk, in Washington State, has a mail-in service for recycling all sorts of "technotrash", any computer-related waste, but they charge by the pound, and you pay shipping.

Elsewhere, there is Lacerta, in Massachusetts, but you have to call or email for a quote. Sounds like it's not for consumers.

Shred-It looks like just what I need. They have branches all over, and one is in Greensboro (Burlington, actually). They have a call-in shredding service, which shreds while you wait, and they shred all sorts of media, not just paper. But I still have to call or email for a quote.

I wish I could find a more convenient way to recycle.

What have you done with your old tapes?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Netflix anniversary

It was over four years ago that I joined Netflix. Since we've been together so long, we take each other for granted. So much so, that I forgot to celebrate our anniversary on January 13. But I'm still a fan! So here is a hug and a kiss on Valentine's Day to all you fine folks at Netflix.