Friday, February 15, 2008

DVD killed the Video star

Since I joined Netflix, I have bought about 50 videotapes of movies which still aren't on DVD. Some of my pre-recorded videotapes are worth selling or donating, but hundreds more contain TV series and movies recorded from TV (ie: every episode of Babylon 5 and Xena: Warrior Princess).

Now that DVD has killed the VHS, what are you going to do with all those old videotapes? I don't want to dump them in the landfill, so I looked into my recycling options.

I was researching this issue on the Web, when I came across this list of videotape recycling companies. Unfortunately, they are all on the Left Coast. There is Tropical Media, a company in Burbank, CA, which recycles VHS, Beta, etc. GreenDisk, in Washington State, has a mail-in service for recycling all sorts of "technotrash", any computer-related waste, but they charge by the pound, and you pay shipping.

Elsewhere, there is Lacerta, in Massachusetts, but you have to call or email for a quote. Sounds like it's not for consumers.

Shred-It looks like just what I need. They have branches all over, and one is in Greensboro (Burlington, actually). They have a call-in shredding service, which shreds while you wait, and they shred all sorts of media, not just paper. But I still have to call or email for a quote.

I wish I could find a more convenient way to recycle.

What have you done with your old tapes?


  1. I want to digitize all of my tapes, I love the look of VHS and the convience of digital video so why not have both. I have some copies of old TV specials that probably won't find their way to DVD for many years and some local programes that would be all but lost. Plus the commercials I have recorded are totally boss.

  2. You could take up crocheting!

    I haven't tried video tape yet, but if it's anything like plastic grocery bags, it's not the most pleasant thing to crochet with. Knitting might be a little easier. ;)

  3. Are these all tapes you've taped yourself? The VHS machine isn't completely dead you know. I still play some tapes. (One of my favorite movies STILL isn't on DVD.) However, one thing I think you could do is donate them to the local library.

  4. Yes, most of them I taped myself.

    I've thought of donating the commercially-made ones to the library or a university.

    Those crocheted bags are amazing.

  5. VHS has been dead for a while, don't blame netflix for it...

  6. I'm bad. I just throw them in the trash. I do recycle paper, metal, plastic, and glass on occasion when I'm near a recycling bin.

  7. My company uses shred-it to destroy company confidential paper and other media. A truck that pulls into the parking lot with a shredder. All the stuff we put in the shred-it bins gets shredded and hauled away.

    I have no idea if they take consumer stuff.

  8. Donate to your local public library...
    I have and it's tax deductible.

  9. check this site:

    Alot of good source to recycle your VHS before spending money.