Friday, January 18, 2008

Glossary of Netflix Fanatic terms

My favorites are "notflixing", which means renting a movie, but not watching it, and "queue-mongering", which means filling your queue with movies you have no intention of watching.

My own contribution, is "lackaflixaphobia"--the delibilitating fear of not having a Netflix in the mailbox, especially right before a holiday or long weekend.

Inspired by Terminology for the Netflix Fanatic - The Big Noob

Via Hacking Netflix

Thursday, January 10, 2008

NEW NETFLIX Kids T-Shirt auction

Another auction from an anonymous former Netflix employee. This time, it's a NEW NETFLIX Kids T-Shirt Size Youth XS.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Account hold better than canceling

The Account Hold feature of Netflix is new to me. If you're too busy to watch your movies, or you're feeling Netflixia, you don't have to cancel. If you put your account on hold instead, they will stop sending you movies and stop billing you, but they won't stop you from using the Netflix Web site. You can start up again any time.

Account Hold is good for only 90 days. After that, you have to cancel or resume.

I've never used this feature. Have you?

Via BrentEvans by way of LifeHacker

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How many movies did you get from Netflix in 2007?

I saw only 263 movies in 2007. It was a slow year. The year before, I saw 473. This is how 2007 breaks down:

Netflix sent me 106 movies,

SilverScreenArchive sent me 65,

Classicflix sent me 2,

I saw 67 in a theatre, on the big screen,

and 23 from other sources, like eBay, Amazon, a dollar store, or Redbox, Video Review.

I managed to avoid Blockbuster and Hollywood Video entirely.

Thank you, Netflix!