Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How many movies did you get from Netflix in 2007?

I saw only 263 movies in 2007. It was a slow year. The year before, I saw 473. This is how 2007 breaks down:

Netflix sent me 106 movies,

SilverScreenArchive sent me 65,

Classicflix sent me 2,

I saw 67 in a theatre, on the big screen,

and 23 from other sources, like eBay, Amazon, a dollar store, or Redbox, Video Review.

I managed to avoid Blockbuster and Hollywood Video entirely.

Thank you, Netflix!


  1. Online rentals:

    Netflix 176
    Blockbuster 167
    GreenCine 111

    My DVD purchases and in-store rentals were down last year.

  2. You watched alot of movies!!

  3. Hey Becky!

    Saw your question posed over on Hacking Netflix, so thought I'd respond in both places :)

    Last year, I had about 105 discs total sent from Netflix (Almost the same as you!), and 10 Watch Instantly. That's pretty good :D As far as purchased movies, I bought and watched about 13 Blu-ray movies last year. In the theater, I probably averaged about 10-12 visits, which I'm not proud of :( I need to hit the theater more often.

    Like you, I also never went to Blockbuster, thank God.

    I signed up for Netflix in Dec. 06, and I absolutely love it. The first disc I rented? "Little Miss Sunshine". I need to rewatch that soon.

    It will be interesting to see the responses to your question on both sites, can't wait.

  4. Well I don't currently have Netflix, so the number from them is 0. I tried Blockbuster online for a month so I got 20-30 from them. Lately I have mostly borrowed movies from my local library. My overall total for the year is just above yours at 273.

    2005 was my best year so far at 372.

  5. Rented: 285 (Netflix)
    Bought/Gift: 41
    Burned: 7
    Total discs: 333

    Rental Cost, Total: $ 366.00

    Rental Cost per disc: $ 1.2842

    Plus I forgot RentAnime in Tampa, FL, probably 20 discs that cost me $144 (very slow service). I have since cancelled that one.

  6. Welcome, y'all!

    I forgot to mention, 7 of my Netflix titles were Watch Now.

  7. I got the RentAnime numbers wrong:

    I received 32 discs over 5 months which works out to $ 3.125 apiece.

    As you might imagine, I cancelled their alleged "service".

  8. Well having just recently started with "Watch Now" I have seen 9 with that feature
    I got 291 movies from Netflix, purchased another 624 and saw 7 in theaters, so not counting movies on TV, I watched 885 movies last year. I know it doesn't add up, some I haven't had time for yet; I now have a growing collection of almost 100 movies I haven't made time for yet. I am an avid movie collector and have almost 4,000 DVDs (store bought, every one). Am waiting for the day when I can load them on a personal server and have them all available in every room in the house at any time.

  9. >Kevin, that's an amazing number of movies watched!

    Is there anywhere online where you list all the movies you own or have seen? I would be interested to see such a list.

    How do you keep track of your collection?

    Do you mind telling me your Netflix profile name? Do you rate all your movies on Netflix?

  10. I love Netflix! Finally someone is taking advantage of modern technology! No more sending packages back and forth. No more waiting for videos I want to see NOW.

    I simply hook up my Xbox 360 and get movies instantly. The XBox streams them directly to my HDTV. No complicated setups, nothing. Just hook the 360 to the internet and you are ready to start watching unlimited movies when YOU want to.

    The future is here and it's name is NETFLIX!!

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