Thursday, January 03, 2008

Account hold better than canceling

The Account Hold feature of Netflix is new to me. If you're too busy to watch your movies, or you're feeling Netflixia, you don't have to cancel. If you put your account on hold instead, they will stop sending you movies and stop billing you, but they won't stop you from using the Netflix Web site. You can start up again any time.

Account Hold is good for only 90 days. After that, you have to cancel or resume.

I've never used this feature. Have you?

Via BrentEvans by way of LifeHacker


  1. I used it for about six weeks once, back when you had to call over the phone and ask for the hold. (I see they've gotten rid of that.) I was out of town for work and thought it would be easier. I did miss it a little (rented two DVDs from my local store to tide me over, and remembered how much I like the absence of late fees!) but I appreciated that they kept my queue and profile.

  2. I have a birthday in mid-November and then there's Christmas a month and a half later. So the last couple years I've put my account on hold in anticipation of getting DVDs as gifts. Plus, with all the travel we do around Christmas, there's no point in paying for the service if I'm not going to be able to use it.

    Although, I did miss being able to do the Watch Now this past holiday season.

  3. I currently have my account on hold due to finances. I love being able to continue to use the site for when I can resume receiving videos.

    Just a pointer for those who may need to do it long term - you can keep adjusting your reactivation date online. You can only do it 90 days at a time, but you can keep extending it. I stopped service back in November originally I think? I currently have it set to resume in April.

  4. This feature is completely WORTHLESS as a VACATION HOLD. If you do not put your account on HOLD for a period of time that INCLUDES your billing date there is no value to the service. Even then in only moves your billing date to the date when you resumed your service.

    The Netflix web site if VERY misleading about this feature. But here are some specifics. Assume your billing date is on the 1st of the month. You place you account on hold beginning on the 2nd of the month and ask for a resumption of service on the 31st. You will be billed the full amount of your account on the 1st and again on the next 1st. In short you didn't save a dime. Despite the fact that you didn't have access to live movies during the entire time period.

    Example #2. Your billing is on the 15th you put your account on hold beginning the 2nd for two weeks resuming service on the 16th. You were billed the previous month on the 15th, your next bill will now be the 16th for the full amount of your bill. You saved 1 day of your account.

    This feature me be good for suspending your account for longer periods of time, but as a vacation hold as the netflix site indicates it's a worthless feature.

  5. I have been used the hold on numerous occasions and it works great. Even multiple re-holds after the 90 days is fine.