Friday, January 18, 2008

Glossary of Netflix Fanatic terms

My favorites are "notflixing", which means renting a movie, but not watching it, and "queue-mongering", which means filling your queue with movies you have no intention of watching.

My own contribution, is "lackaflixaphobia"--the delibilitating fear of not having a Netflix in the mailbox, especially right before a holiday or long weekend.

Inspired by Terminology for the Netflix Fanatic - The Big Noob

Via Hacking Netflix


  1. I have that big time right now. I got two of my 3 discs Wednesday, returned them Thursday... and they haven't been received, so I won't get them till Tuesday. The horrors. I'm practically breaking out in hives.

  2. I try not to return all my discs at once, but sometimes I catch up.

    You're a good writer.

  3. I have been a long time reader of urs..I have enjoyed the writings but u seem to be losing some zest in ur writings...Just an observation

  4. True. I've been pressed for time, and blogging has taken a lower priority than it used to.