Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Holiday presents opportunity for thief

I forgot that yesterday was a Federal holiday, and that the USPS wouldn't be picking up my mail. In the morning, I left an envelope in the box destined for Silverscreenarchive, my choice for movies which Netflix doesn't have. When I returned home in the afternoon, the flag was still up, but the DVD was gone. I suspect that the combination of idle children out of school, and my forgetfulness, created an opportunity for a thief. Too bad the film won't be of any interest to a typical child of today. It's a Frank Sinatra/Debbie Reynolds romantic comedy from 1955.


  1. Talking about holiday theft..recently my bro in law Sis and their kids bought my wife and I both on fixed incomes and disabled a one year gift ..thats G-I-F-T subscription for Netflix for Christmas..amazed to find at attempting to activate it that no Virginia you DON'T have a gift because you are poor people who do not have a credit card ..gee..AND we are disabled ..strike two!
    My family were not told anywhere upfront that that would be the case. And your a fan ..gee how nice for you ..we had our Christmas present unceremoniously stolen from us. boo and Bah Humbug on Netflix!!!

  2. I joined Netflix in 2004 using a debit card, not a credit card.

  3. and your point is what?? I guess you meant to say if I had a debit card then I could be a Netflix member now and my response to that is that I neither want nor need a debit card.
    and the point STILL is that Netflix ruined my wife's and my Christmas present and I would now NEVER have anything to do with them other than to continue to tell everyone I can that Netflix sucks and another hearty "Bah Humbug to them and all companies who deny service and discriminate against honest poor folk and in essence suggest that they would be dishonest because they do not pursue the "American dream by becoming another in debt up to the testicles because of credit cards!