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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Thanks for all the bonus discs!

Thanks to those of you who signed up for Netflix using one of my trial codes, I received 5 bonus rentals.

If you posted your promo codes here, and you want to see how many bonus rentals you received, check "membership terms and details" under "your account" on

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  • At 6/22/2008 7:14 AM, Blogger rlstv said…

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  • At 7/22/2008 5:32 PM, Blogger kaicevy said…

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    Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 21:31:56 GMT
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  • At 8/04/2008 5:27 PM, Blogger FitzWilliam said…


    Logo, the LGBT network, is offering a lot of really great shows to rent!! There are sexy shows, documentaries, comedies, sports films and a bunch more. I've already added a ton to my rental list. Just thought I would let you know because they are some of the best DVDs I have ever seen!
    You can see all the titles here:


  • At 8/28/2008 4:19 PM, Blogger juliet said…

    Hi Becky,

    I work at Slate Magazine. We have an article up today asking readers which Netflix rentals they've kept the longest. Next week we'll post responses. Thought you might be interested.


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