Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reed says I'm weird...and I agree

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, was asked in an interview by Motley Fool, "With so many shows on DVD, why doesn't Netflix directly market the 'dump your cable and save money' message?"

Hastings replied, "Well, no one dumps their cable."


Well, I have news for Mr. Hastings. I DID. I dumped cable for Netflix in 2004. Five years ago.

I don't even watch broadcast television.

I get my news from various Web sources, but I'm very happy "living under a rock". I no longer feel the pressure of materialism which comes from the bombardment of continuous advertising. I no longer feel panic or anxiety from a repetitive news cycle of tragedies, disasters, and human evil over which I have no control. I get my television series on DVD, long after you have deleted them from your DVR.

I live in peaceful oblivion punctuated by the arrival of red or blue envelopes.

via Hacking Netflix


  1. Right there with you. We dumped cable last year, bought a Mac Mini, and now watch all our TV on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes. Costs are way less and we don't feel bad about wasting money when we don't want to watch anything.

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