Monday, July 06, 2009

Fired by Amazon

I have been fired by Amazon, because I am an affiliate living in the state of North Carolina, which just placed a sales tax on anything you buy online if you click through from a site based here even if the vendor does not have a physical presence here. All I was selling was the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.

Taxes hurt everyone.

The guy with the gun in the above photo is North Carolina.


  1. I was fired as well :( I pledged, even if they return to the affiliate business, never to use them for referrals again.

    I love the site, but they really screwed up by jumping the gun on NC and other states, before they knew the full details.

    I hadn't even made $5.00, because I just signed up a couple months ago. There's still Google ads, but they aren't much more successful because they look like ads.

  2. I actually don't blame Amazon as much as I blame the legislators of North Carolina.

  3. Another NC resident fired by the Amazon. I made maybe 78 cents from their affiliate program anyway. Still sucks though. I was gonna put a review of their Unbox on my site... not anymore.

  4. Taxes certainly don't "hurt everyone" as you say! They maintain public works, fund schools, pay for some of the niceties in Parks, public areas, libraries, etc. etc.

    What on earth are you thinking about? Can you name another expenditure that returns as much to you?


  5. Carls, if you think taxes work that way, then let me have your money, and I'll spend it on your behalf on things I think would be good for you. Of course, I'll keep a lot of it for myself. I'll let you keep some of it, and call it a "deduction."