Monday, August 03, 2009

1001 movies available at Netflix

You thought I was over my obsession with the 1001 movies you must see before you die. Not so fast. I found that Netflix Community user Knaldskalle has posted the list with links to Netflix where the titles are available on DVD, so you can quickly add them to your queue. That represents much work, for which I am grateful. I'm still stuck at having seen only 992 of the 1001 (2002) edition, but I've found sources for two of the remaining 9, so there's hope.


  1. Wow! You must watch movies every day if you have completed most of the list.

  2. It's a noble effort, but I simple cannot bring myself to watch 1,001 movies someone else says I should see. I would have missed all of the other good movies in the process that they're ignoring in favor of these select few that they're only recommending because they're higher profile, award-winning, or have received critical love. Looks like the list only reaches to 2004 anyway.

    That's just me, but I'd rather find the gems myself, than have someone tell me I have to watch a movie for my life to be complete. I've done quite well on my own.

  3. I used to watch an average of 1.7 movies per day, but that was when I was working on this list. Now I average .5 movies per day.

  4. I enjoyed this list very much, but now I'm watching pretty much whatever I want.

  5. Thank you for your nice comments! I'm still very impressed that you've made it to such a high number... And now it even made it to Hacking Netflix(!), so I guess the "Cease and Desist" letters will follow soon. ;-)

  6. I don't know how you could see so many Netflix movies in one year with there current turn around unless it's online. On trial, I would get 1, see it that night, post it back following day, two days later get the next. Since trial, it started to average 1 every four days till receipt of the next, so I thought, ok, upgrade to 2 out at a time, now its taking 4 days, and they still haven't received viewed movie, even if they get it on 5th day its still 6 days till receipt of the new. Now, either USMail is slow, it's 118 miles to nearest Netflix depot, or Netflix has so many subscribers in GA that they can't cope. I'm going back to 1, give them a chance, then none and switching to Redbox if it doesn't improve. The idea was good, the practice was poor.

  7. I've got to ask what the remaining 9 films are. So...which ones are they?

  8. These were the 9, but I've since seen the starred ones:

    *O Pagador De Promessas
    *Hanyo (the Housemaid)
    Maynila: Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag (Manila In the Claws of Brightness)(
    Zu Fruh, Zu Spat (Too Early, Too Late)
    Une Histoire De Vent (A Tale of the Wind)
    The Asthenic Syndrome (Astenicheskij Sindrom)

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  10. "Manila in the Claws of Neon", which i thought was the only impossible one left, is available through freakyflicks, with fan-made subtitles.
    The others are available, although some (zu fruh zu spat) only as poor quality vhs-rips without subtitles. So it's now possible to see all 1001, but you might be watching the last 2 or 3 without subtitles, or professionally produced subtitles.

  11. Chris,

    Thanks for the tip! Very helpful.

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