Thursday, March 18, 2010

Limited-time offer: $20 off Roku

Roku and TrialPay are having a limited-time offer of $20 off the Roku player, whether you're already a member of Netflix or not only for new members (updated 7/22/10).

I've had my Roku ever since the first day, and I love it. I recommend it for everyone who likes movies, and it's a great TV-cable-sat substitute, too. The Roku hooks up to your TV and Internet and let's you watch movies from Netflix instantly on your TV, unlimited, no waiting.


  1. How do you get the $20 off if you're already a Netflix member? It says "Important: you must be a first-time Netflix subscriber to qualify for the Roku $20 discount with TrialPay."

  2. I've had a Roku player since they first came out and I love it. I also recently got the Disc that allows you to view Netflix Instant watch via the Wii and I find it far superior. It loads much faster and you can browse/sort in ways that you cannot with the Roku.

  3. Lisa, I misunderstood. I will correct the post.