Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun with IMDb

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) should be a familiar destination for all movie fans, because they are the only place online where you can find out about nearly every movie ever made. Even Netflix doesn't do that.

You can go year-by-year to find the top movies by boxoffice or MOVIEMeter(tm) rating, which is how I look for movies to put in my Netlfix queue, sometimes.

IMDb maintains a constantly-updated list of the top 250 movies by MOVIEMeter(tm). I would like to brag about how many I've seen of them. How do I keep track? I use is a well-made site where you can actually check off the films you've seen. Click on this button to see which ones I've seen:

Here is another cool site for looking at the IMDb Top 250, where you can see monthly snapshots of the list going back to 1997, as well as do month-to-month comparisons to see which titles have been added or moved up or down.


  1. Nice timing - I just saw my 250th today. It's tough to keep up though...

  2. Indeed. So many come and go every month.

  3. Hi!

    This is a bit relevant. In case you happen to be a Google Chrome user, check out my Chrome extension, IMflixDB, that adds IMDb ratings, vote count and some other information to Netflix movie pages:

  4. interesting IMDB chrome extension:

    Highlights movie titles and adds your ratings for movies you've already seen (voted for) when searching IMDb, displaying actor/director pages, or browsing movie lists (e.g. Top 250 voted by users, Awards, Box Office lists).

  5. Thank you for the link.

  6. Another new extension which came up recently in the chrome webstore -

    I always had to search for movie titles on IMDb while browsing movies on Netflix. I gave it a shot and I was amazed that it actually did exactly what I wanted. While browsing on Netflix, all you need to do is mouse over a movie tile and it will quickly grab the IMDb ratings and show it on top.. very simple and handy.. No issues so far.. love it!