Saturday, June 14, 2014

DVDs dwindling

I know Netflix is trying to force me away from using DVDs and into streaming*, because of money. They make more money with streaming. This is how it begins. More and more of my DVD queue is creeping into the unavailable section. Of the 344 titles in my queue, 77 have a wait status. Those waits consist of 14 short waits and an unbelievable 63 VERY LONG WAITS. That's crazy. I also have 86 movies "saved" which were formerly queued, so that's 38% of my selections I'll probably never see.

77 waits
14 short waits
63 very long waits
344 queued
86 saved

430 Total
163 Wait or unavailable

I remember being so excited about Netflix when I joined in 2004.

*I can't afford faster Internet. I'm using, and it's "up to 10 Mbps" is less than 1 Mbps in reality, and they throttle streaming users after the first GB. It's better than nothing or dialup, because with dialup, you have a phone bill. At least I don't have a phone bill.


  1. Do dvd's on Netflix cost less than streaming overall? Or, is it just the internet connection that is holding you back??

  2. Streaming does not offer the titles available via the DVD service. Netflix changes aspect ratios of many streaming films and the quality is not on par with discs.