Sunday, November 05, 2006

Chat with other Netflix Fans right here

Thanks to Chat Creator, I have added a chatbox to this blog. It's easy to use and anonymous. You can chat about Netflix or find Netflix Friends. Let me know how you like it.

I'm going to add this to the sidebar of this blog, too, so you can chat anytime.


  1. Hello. I have discovered your blog today and I like it. Perhaps you will like mine also. It is at I added a link to your's from mine. Cheers!

  2. saw a funny movie that not a lot of people know about "Nanny Insanity." a screwball comedy

  3. coulda someone please activate my netflix on my xbox I will send you the code. Email:
    Gamertag: BlindingZiola
    Thanks sooooo much

  4. I reccommend(ed) Netflix to everyone I know. They just took LOST off my instant watch with no warning, not even an email. I'm pissed. After I leave them I'm going to let everyone I know to not bother getting a player, this sucks.
    I hope Blockbuster comes out with a competitive offering. I will never go back to Netflix, cheap jerks.

  5. I love the Parental Control feature they have put a lot of effort into making. If you select the "R" rated and below option (to remove some of the porn-ish stuff) It also stops anything with an "unrated" rating from playing - which is quite a bit of the children's things. There are some "R" rated movies I watch with my older children 16 and older - so if I select the "unrated" children and below...kinda defeats the purpose. Also - Why do we have to swim through and have the gay sections on the drop down option? If that is your thing - then cool...but what if you were gay and let's say didn't want to have any of the sports related things to pop up when searching? If it wasn't for the crazy low price we would have dropped this non professional company a long time ago.