Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In the Mood

I remember how I was back in the day, browsing the aisles at the video store, asking, "what am I in the mood for?"

But since I've had Netflix, I don't care what mood I'm in. I watch whatever shows up in the mailbox.

What about you? Do you organize your queue around your moods? Or do you watch whatever comes next? Or do you have an agenda?


  1. I think Netflix works both ways. There are times when I load my queue up, and sit back and watch the movies come to my mailbox - not concerned what they are - I just know I'll watch them. Sometimes I even surprise myself at the movies I receive! Pleasantly surprised, that is.

    Other times, I browse Netflix, and ask myself what I'm in the mood for - sometimes I get real picky about what is sitting in that number 1 queue spot.

    Lately I've been picky with Netflix, but it's not always like that.

    The nice thing about Netflix is there is so much room for diversity and improvement. So much to choose from, I never get bored.

  2. My mood constantly changes so I love Blockbusters new thing. If the movie I get is not what I'm looking for, I just return it to my Blockbuster store and exchange it for what I do want-for free! This unlimited to your door and at the store program is the only way to go! (I saved the coupon for anyone else fed up with Netflix-go to blockbusteronline.com and use promo code 0261b It's so easy and so much QUICKER than waiting on my mailman all the time!

  3. Around Wednesday I decide I want something frivolous to watch on that weekend, so I graciously push Water and Tsotsi down a notch to make room for Two Thousand Maniacs.

    Other than that though, I'm almost always in the mood for whatever eclectic choice Netflix has sent me.

  4. I always watch them in the order that I receive them. Otherwise, you get "Buyer's regret" and a title will lay fallow on the shelf for weeks, being passed by things I want to watch more. I tend to spend a fair amount of time in queue management, so that is seldom a burden.