Thursday, May 31, 2007

Official Netflix blog launched

Netflix has finally launched an official blog, but with a unique focus. Instead of being about the company, or the rental experience, or about movies, The Netflix Community blog is devoted only to the Community features of Netflix (Friends, Profiles, custom lists, etc) and we who use them. It's where you can go to discover new features or changes to existing ones, and give feedback.

Unlike Hacking Netflix, or this blog, the Netflix Community blog is written by folks who work for Netflix, "by the team that is building the social elements of the Netflix site," so it's the horse's mouth.

Via Hacking Netflix


  1. Hi! came across a large friendship community and thought to pass it on. You want to join the community you should pass the E-qool test. Follow the link below and join

  2. After reading about how much you like Netflix, I went to their site to look around. The price is 9.99 a month plus fees. How much are the fees? Do you pay sales tax on the 9.99?

  3. When they say "fees", I guess they are referring to the rare event that you might have to replace a disk if you break it or fail to return it.

    Yes, there is tax on the monthly membership.

  4. Thanks for your help. "Fees" always worries me because it seems to be a way for a company to raise its price while making me think the price is low. I'm glad to hear that in this case "fees" refers to something that I have control over.

  5. Hi! I'm so happy to find your blog. I just started a Netflix blog chronicling all the movies my husband and I rent via Netflix for one year. Check it out at

    I'm excited to read more on your blog!

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