Thursday, August 02, 2007

Progress report on the 1001 Movies

It's been three months since I last reported on my quest to see all of the titles in Stephen Jay Schneider's book, 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, the 2002 edition. I started in 2004, having seen about 200 of them, and now I have seen 978.

Netflix sent me 595 of them.

Of the 23 remaining, eight are in my Netflix Queue. I have three from Netflix at home. I bought two on eBay. One I have to rent at the video store. One I have to watch at the UNC Chapel Hill library. The final eight are unavailable on home video, or if available, in a foreign language without English subtitles.

I'm going through the book in chronological order, and I just finished the decade of the Nineties.

If you're working on the same list, please let me know how far along you are. I haven't heard of anyone who has completed the list yet. You can track, share, and compare your progress on the fourth edition (2006) of the book at Lists of bests.


  1. I've seen about 10 Netflix movies by now. I cannot imagine 500!

    I think it would be fun to watch all the movies on a 'best' list, but I don't think I ever will because those lists are full of gory or scary movies like _The Godfather_. I'd rather watch _50 First Dates_ over and over than watch a realistic movie about the mob.

    I watched many scary movies in my youth, but I just cannot watch them anymore.

  2. There are many movies much scarier than The Godfather on the list of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.

  3. 978? Damn that's impressive! Good job. You are now a film arts Jedi Master.

  4. Congratulations, that's amazing!

    I have also been working on this list. I started in 2006 but have seen only about 200.

    I am very curious about the ones you mentioned are not attainable for viewing. I would love a list of those films. You can email me at: lrperlle at yahoo. I'd really appreciate it.