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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More One Month Free Trial Cards from Netflix

These Netflix promo codes expire October 31, 2008. Each code can be used only once. You must be a new member. Limit one per household. The free trial lasts one month. At the end of the trial, Netflix will begin to bill our payment method. No refunds or credits for partial months.


I dislike the glue which they used to hold the cards to the mailer this time. When I removed the cards from the paper, it removed some of the fine print from the back of each card.

I will receive one bonus disc voucher for each new customer who signs up using one of the priority codes provided. The voucher will appear in my queue. I must redeem the voucher for the disc to ship. I am limited to five bonus discs. All bonus discs plus one plan disc must be returned for the next shipment.

Post your priority codes in the comments, if you want bonus discs too.

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