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Friday, January 23, 2009

Airport no longer snowed in

Actually, it is I who am no longer snowed in, and my Apple Airport Express is back to work! It's still under warranty, so I took it to IT Worx, a certified Apple Reseller and Service Center, and they fixed it. It was a configuration issue. Boy, do I feel silly.

Even though I had three Netflix DVDs at home, I immediately watched a movie on my Roku. It was such a relief to have it back online. My Roku gave me the welcome message telling me that it had been upgraded. I changed my display settings to HD, but I haven't tried watching an HD movie yet. There aren't any in my queue. I still can't see the Amazon menu, which is supposed to be along soon.

I should confess that, in my desperation, I went to Video Review, the best video store in Greensboro, and rented a couple of DVDs to carry me until I could get my Airport working again.

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  • At 1/23/2009 2:03 PM, Blogger Josh said…

    Congrats. My Time Capsule recently stopped working. I tried everything, even restoring to default settings. What finally worked was to set it to use 10.0 instead of 192.168 for its IP range. Weird.

  • At 1/25/2009 5:04 PM, Blogger Cyrus said…

    Hey Becky, sorry to post directly to your blog like this. however, i couldn't find a 'contact' link to send you a direct email.

    I've written a Netflix manager for the iPhone (called PocketFlix).

    I was wondering if you'd like a free copy to try out! If so, let me know. my email is:

    Thanks :)


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