Friday, January 23, 2009

Airport no longer snowed in

Actually, it is I who am no longer snowed in, and my Apple Airport Express is back to work! It's still under warranty, so I took it to IT Worx, a certified Apple Reseller and Service Center, and they fixed it. It was a configuration issue. Boy, do I feel silly.

Even though I had three Netflix DVDs at home, I immediately watched a movie on my Roku. It was such a relief to have it back online. My Roku gave me the welcome message telling me that it had been upgraded. I changed my display settings to HD, but I haven't tried watching an HD movie yet. There aren't any in my queue. I still can't see the Amazon menu, which is supposed to be along soon.

I should confess that, in my desperation, I went to Video Review, the best video store in Greensboro, and rented a couple of DVDs to carry me until I could get my Airport working again.


  1. Congrats. My Time Capsule recently stopped working. I tried everything, even restoring to default settings. What finally worked was to set it to use 10.0 instead of 192.168 for its IP range. Weird.

  2. Hey Becky, sorry to post directly to your blog like this. however, i couldn't find a 'contact' link to send you a direct email.

    I've written a Netflix manager for the iPhone (called PocketFlix).

    I was wondering if you'd like a free copy to try out! If so, let me know. my email is:

    Thanks :)