Thursday, January 01, 2009

How many movies did you see in 2008?

Without even trying hard, I saw more movies in 2008 than in 2007. I saw 263 movies in 2007.

194 from Netflix (36 of those were Watched Instantly)
56 in a theatre
14 from Classicflix
12 from various other sources: TV, a friend, or eBay
6 from Video Review, a bricks and mortar video store
4 from SilverScreenArchive
1 from the Greensboro Public Library

For a total of 287.

You can see all the titles, categorized by source, on my Listology list of Movies Seen in 2008


  1. Your record-keeping puts me to shame :(

    I had to count, which is an inaccurate and frustrating task. So, consider these scores a best guess (Only counting Movies, not TV shows):

    Total movies watched in 2008: 261

    Netflix Disk Rentals: 144
    Netflix Instant Watch: 79
    Gaston-Lincoln Library: 10
    Public Library of Char/Meck: 3
    DVR: 25
    Theaters: Can't guess for this one, so I'll leave it blank.

    Now, when are you going to start replying to comments? You request them but don't respond, I've noticed.


    Thanks to Feedflix for data retention :)

  2. Hey Matthew,

    I'm sorry about my slackness regarding comments. I do enjoy hearing from you!

    I started keeping records of movies seen when I discovered, and then, which make it easier.

    Wow, if you're going to the theatre, AND seeing over 200 Netflix, you've got me beat!