Saturday, December 23, 2006

Spiritually Significant Films™ on Netflix

The Arts and Faith Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films™ list links each title to Netflix with an "add to queue" button.

The list constitutes a wide range of movies, covering many different themes and subjects. As I look over it, I think, what do all these unique movies have in common? What are "spiritually significant" films? Without a doubt, every one of the movies will make you think.


  1. There is a real mix in this list and a number of titles surprised me by both their presence and their absence. The whole thing makes me wonder what "spiritually" connotes. For instance, there were a number of films that I do not consider "family safe" (actually, very few fall into that category). Likewise, Last Temptation of Christ was condemned and even boycotted by several religious groups. Eric Rohmer's Summer (aka The Green Ray) is part of his morality tales and being French, includes significant nudity.

    I was surprised by the number of titles missing, including family films like Whale Rider, Secret of Roan Inish, etc. Even more surprising were the missing blockbusters - Ben Hur, Ten Commandments, The Robe, and so on, all of which received a lot of support by mainstream religion.

    That's why I question the "spiritaully" Significant title. It looks that whomever put together the list wants the open the eyes of the average "spiritual" person.

  2. True. I think that "spiritual" is a broad term which covers morals, ethics, beliefs, the supernatural, philosophy, etc. It's a catchall for believing in just about anything except science.