Monday, December 11, 2006

Top Ten, er, Eleven Ways to Spell Netflix

I have decided that these are the top ten most popular (mis)spellings of NETFLIX. The numbers in parentheses are the Google hits:

  1. Netflix (2,100,000)
  2. NFLX (303,000)
  3. Net Flix (43,600)
  4. Netflicks (22,900)
  5. Netfix (16,400)
  6. Nexflix (619)
  7. Net Flicks (610)
  8. Nextflix (216)
  9. Netflixx (72)
  10. Netfilx (23)
  11. Nets Flicks (22)

Update: I added Netflixx at #9, suggested by Davis Freeberg.

My Google preferences are set on strict filtering and English-only results.


  1. Netflixx should be at number 5 on your list, it shows up with 2300 Google entries.

  2. Thank you! I'll add it.

  3. I added netflixx at #9, because with my preferences, it has only 72 Google hits. My Google results are strictly filtered (both explicit text and explicit images) and exclude non-English pages.

  4. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that when you put the naughty filter on, there are only a couple of netflixx entries. Do you count Netflixed as an entry or because people use that as a verb and not a noun would it not be included?

  5. No, I wouldn't count Netflixed as an entry, because it's a verb, but it has 22,900 English results on Google!