Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Netflix discussion group

One of my Netflix Friends has started Netflix_Cinemajig, a new discussion group for Netflix subscribers who like anything out of the mainstream. You can read the Netflix_Cinemajig archives , or join the group and post your own reviews. It's a "fun, active, diverse" group who like to "discuss movies, directors, actors and anything else film-related," who also "play daily movie-related games to jog the mind, relieve that workday boredom and most of all, remember our love for the movies."


  1. Wow, a Yahoo movie group with games and a blog for movie reviews? That's so original... no wait, it's a complete rip off of Netflix Addicts.

    Go for the real thing at:

  2. There are a number of different Yahoo groups for Netflix members. Cinemajig provides an option for those who are interested in finding and sharing movies that are off the beaten path, and who enjoy participating in lively discussion. This seemed to be an unfilled niche among existing groups. It's an alternative, not a ripoff, and no competition is necessary.

  3. Netflix is a total ripoff, I upgraded my account to the 8 dvd at a time plan $51.99 on 7/03/07. The post office lost some of my dvds, I reported them missing and netflix froze my account. The dvds showed up a few days later and I got ahold of netflix customer service after waiting a half hour. The cust service rep said the hold would be taken off, three days later and the account is still frozen. I have wrote them several emails and called a second time and the said the hold would be took off the next day. I have been lied to again. I am cancelling the account as soon as I get all the DVDs returned so they cant find an excuse to charge more to my credit card. I would Suggest that anyone that has been ripped off by Netflix write to the California Attorney General regarding this, that is where there home office is. You can visit the California Attorney General website here: You can also file a complaint online here with the California Department of Consumer Affairs:

    I would be real cautious about this so called 2 week free trial some people have reported that they are being charged before the trial is over. Even some have cancelled the same day they subscribed and are being charged.

    I also notice the more months I was a netflix member the less movies I got and it took up the 2 weeks before I got my next movies. What a ripoff. Here is Netflix Contact adresses and phone number you will need these to file a complaint:

    P.O. Box 17000
    Beverly Hills, CA 90209

    Netflix Inc.
    100 Winchester Circle
    Los Gatos, CA 95032



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