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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Home Is Where The Movies Are; Home Theaters Replace Cinema


Today in Investor's Business Daily stock analysis and business news:
"The growing popularity of DVDs and home theater systems are factors in declining movie theater attendance, some observers say."

"Nearly 36% of U.S. adults polled recently by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence say they're going to the movie theater less often than just a year ago.
And owners of home theater setups are cutting back on trips to the cinema even more. About 45% of them say they're going to movie theaters less than a year ago. "

"The rise of DVDs and home theaters isn't the only reason behind the slide in movie theater attendance. High cost is the most cited reason by those who go to the cinema less often. 20.5% of respondents cite high movie theater prices.

Almost as many — 17.8% — say they prefer watching movies at home as their main reason for going to the theater less."

"Other reasons for avoiding movie theaters include people being too busy to go and not liking the quality or selection of movies in the theaters."

"There's some evidence that when a movie is announced theatrically, people make up their minds whether they're going to see it in the theater or wait for it (on DVD)," Alexander said. "As the in-home display stuff gets better and better, it will become an increasingly important decision."

70% of people who rent and 40% of people who buy a DVD never saw the movie in the theatre.


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