Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Netflix Challenge

Could you empty your maxed-out Netflix queue in only one year? Well, San Francisco Bay Area writer Bucky Sinister is trying to watch 500 Netflix movies (the maximum you can put in a Netflix Queue) in one year. As of this week he's watched 229, and needs to get the rest viewed by December 31. He's calling it the Q-500 experiment. You can also "play along" by joining his Netflix Friends list, swap opinions on films, or suggest a film for his queue. If you're crazy like me, you might try to beat him. Except I can't. I've seen 257 movies this year, but only 82 were from Netflix.


  1. hey! thanks for the plug.

    i had new friend requests waiting for me this morning.

    overall, service has been great for the year. mostly, it's the rhythm of sending them back early enough to get them replaced by the weekend. I'm out most Mondays.

    feel free to email me at
    bucky at kqed dot org

  2. You've seen 257 movies this year? That's insane.

    And Bucky's insane, too!

  3. I wish I had the time to keep up with the two of you ... I claim to be a movie lover, but have probably only seen a few more than 100 this year!

  4. It's probably easy to do if you're on a 8 at a time plan. You can watch a movie everyday easily, send them out, and have them roll back in. I'm on a 3 at a time plan. Its harder

    I always look at my queue and think "there's no way I can watch this many movies"

    The plan sounds interesting though. Kudos to you Bucky.

  5. yep, i'm on the 8 at a time plan. it may be possible to do on a smaller plan, but this is hard enough. I have to average 10 per week for the rest of the year. There are some weeks, like this week, in which I did not have movies on Monday or Tuesday due to the Holiday. 2 came in on wednesday, I watched them, put them in Thursday's mail, and hopefully they will ship today and I will get them on Saturday. I do have one indie film, Cake Boy, that is due for Monday. Without making this sound like a dumb algebra problem, I may only get 9 this week.

    The problems really arise, when there are things like a convention later this month that I have to attend for work, which is all weekend days, thursday through sunday. That'll get me. So I have to get ahead somehow.

    I've gotten more "friend" adds from this mention than any other writeup...thanks guys!

  6. Wow. I just did the math and i'm up to 290 already for the year. I've had up to 3 blockbuster accounts going at one time, plus some rentals paid for in store, plus all of my free coupons from the online accounts, plus i'm on the blockbuster rewards membership, had the movie pass for two months, and i'm an employee so I get 5 free rentals every week.

  7. It's weird when you add it up, isn't it?

    One of the things about it, when we count what we do in a year, it's really amazing. If you write 150 words a day, easy for blogger types, you will have a novel length manuscript by the end of the year. One year, I resolved to read a book a week. Normally, I'd be at half that. This year, with all the DVDs, worse. In no time, I had dusted off the entire works of several authors. It makes me took say, Kurt Vonneugut a life time to write all that, and I can leisurely get through it in a few months.

    Harold, do you rewatch films? just curious. For this thing I have, I'm supposed to watch new (to me) stuff, or things I've never seen but on TV or as a kid or whatever. Normally, there's a dozen films like Goodfellas, Rounders, and The Godfather that I love to rewatch.