Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not Starring

Not Starring is a database of "your favorite stars, and the roles they didn't get."

One of my greatest disappointments is that Daniel Day-Lewis turned down the role of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He would have been brilliant. Way better than Viggo Mortensen. I guess Mr. Lewis had no desire to be richer and famouser.


  1. I'm sure that Daniel Day Lewis would have done a great job in the role....But, here it comes...

    ...I think Viggo Mertensen did a great job in the role. Mind you, I was so hooked on the movies, that likely anybody could have starred in the role and I would have thought they did an excellent job.

    Do you jus think that Daniel is cuter [grin]?

    Mr. Portable DVD Players.

  2. No, I prefer DDL because he's more mature, has more gravitas, dignity. I would respect him more as Aragorn. Viggo seemed small to me. Instead of coming across as secretive or mysterious, he just seems to be lacking confidence. Viggo needed to be more king-like, even when in disguise as a ranger. Daniel Day-Lewis could have done that.