Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All or nothing in the wrong direction-[corrected]

Thanks to Meg's comment on my previous post about Netflix's new help center, I see that Netflix kinda went all or nothing in the wrong direction. In response to the clamoring for more telephone support, they did away with the email support completely!! There are no longer any "contact us" Web forms to use to get an email reply, so even for something as routine as title suggestions or Web site corrections, you have to speak to a human. Egads!

I'm sorry to be hard to please, but I was one of the people who liked not dealing with customer support by telephone. Bring back the email robots! Maybe it's just a temporary thing. I hope.

CORRECTION: As Meg pointed out in the comments on Hacking Netflix, the Contact Us Web forms are still available, but not through the Help Center.

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