Friday, May 14, 2004

How Walmart is like Communism

I was reading on about the Walmart DVD service which is trying to compete with Netflix, with a smaller selection, slower turnaround times, and lower prices. The following list was inspired by some of the comments I read there. Just for the record, I'm a big fan of Walmart. I shop there every week. I'm even a member of Sam's club. And I'm a red-blooded American Patriot Capitalist. Still, these are the top ten ways Walmart reminds me of old-fashioned Soviet Communism:

10. Founded by one guy whose name is on everything.
9. Everyone who wants one, has a job.
8. All the power resides in the few at the top.
7. Everything is made in China.
6. There goes the neighborhood.
5. To compete, they start a war.
4. They imitate, instead of innovate.
3. We must surrender, or die.
2. Everyone must dress alike.
1. Long lines.

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