Monday, May 24, 2004

Outrageous Discrimination--Sign of the Times

I love this movie, but after reading the member reviews on, I have to put in my two cents' worth. Buster Keaton plays a successful stock broker who stands to inherit $7 million if he can be married by 7 PM today. The humor arises from his attempts to find a suitable woman to marry him, after his fiancee turns him down, being suspicious of his sincerity. His well-meaning friends put an ad in the paper, which attracts thousands of pursuers.

As he wanders around town looking for someone, anyone to marry, he disqualifies several people for various reasons: being Jewish, black, a child, and a man. However, the vast majority of the rejects are ugly, fat, or old. Where are the old, fat and ugly women's civil rights?! How outrageous that he can turn down a potential mate merely for her age or appearance!! I think he shows prejudice and unfair discrimination, for not being willing to consider ALL WOMEN, regardless of HOW FEW TEETH THEY HAVE!

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