Thursday, May 20, 2004

Les Vampires

I just finished this series of 10 short films which took me three days to view (399 minutes). I thought it was amazing, for 1915. It reminded me of modern day examples like James Bond and the Batman TV series, with high-tech gadgetry, implausible plots, villains who just won't die, etc. I like what Netflix user Patrick Flaherty says:

"...the Vampires should have been able to kill off our hero, intrepid reporter Philippe Guerande, ten times over. They're ruthless with their other opponents, but with Guerande they try to be clever. How is it that the Vampires have the ability to gas party guests & destroy ships at sea, but they can't manage the simple task of getting their own code book back from his apartment?".

In its favor, the camera moves from room to room, there's lots of parallel cutting, and two characters break the fourth wall. A prototype serial, which uses all the conventions except for cliffhangers, 15 years before anyone else.

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