Wednesday, September 22, 2004

CBS News Reports Old News: Online Renting Grows

According to their Web site, "CBS News This Morning", a TV show I do not watch, aired a feature September 21, about the online renting phenomenon, covering handbags, videos, videogames, and even dogs. It included an undated video clip from an interview with Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, which was apparently about a year old. The reason I believe that it was old, is that he says Netflix has "14,000 titles", which is a figure they haven't used in ages. They reported having 15,000 titles over a year ago. The current figure is 25,000. The video is available on the "CBS News This Morning" Web site.

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  1. Typical, reporting old news. I guess with all the recent scandle with Dan Rather - They'd rather report old news than new news.

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