Monday, September 20, 2004

Star Wars is on DVD

By the way, Netflix doesn't list Star Wars as being a new release, but it's available on DVD now. If you wanted it to ship to you tomorrow, they should have received your latest returned disc today.

I wouldn't buy it, because George Lucas has fiddled with it too much, but I might rent it some day, just for laughs.


  1. So true, I am glad I bought the boxed set on VHS before he released the "Special Edition" now my son will be able to see the true Star Wars we all saw and fell in love with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ditto. These "special" editions aren't the movies I want. When the ones I want are released on DVD, I'll snatch 'em up, but not these.


  3. I should say that Netflix DOES have Star Wars as a new release, they're just not pushing it. I had to look for it.