Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Netflix Official Site

Have you noticed that the Netflix ads on Google say "Netflix (r) Official Site"? It's because of all those pesky fan blogs masquerading as the Netflix site, that Netflix is afraid poor Googlers haven't been able to tell the difference! Or, it could be their affiliates' sites have been leading too many poor Googlers astray from the real site. Alas.


  1. Netflix really caused this problem themselves by locking their site away from non-subscribers. No inbound Google links = doubleplusungood Google pagerank. Search on a movie title on Google and I'm sure there will be an Amazon link and an IMDB link in the top five.

    I'm told they've recently changed the site, but I'm always logged-in so I didn't notice the switch.

  2. I have not found that to be true. I have found zillions of Netflix movie titles listed in Google search results. I've also found Netflix movie titles as search results on blog search engines.

  3. Oops. BrianW is right. I logged off Netflix and did a search of their site. It's only a select few titles that are available for browsing by non-members, which is why I've seen them on Google searches. Not zillions, but maybe a few hundred.