Thursday, September 23, 2004

Netflix, Warner Bros. in video-on-demand test

CNET reports that Netflix, Warner Bros. have an arrangement to test a new video-on-demand movie download service that Netflix is planning to begin providing next year. Sources at Tivo, Netflix, and Warner Brothers all deny the existence of such a deal, but "industry sources" report that Warner is allowing Netflix to use their movies to test the video-on-demand service they're working on.


  1. i'm worried about this... what is the benefit for the consumer? the buyer needs subscriptions to *both* netflix and tivo, which i don't think is fair. also what will make someone buy this netflix service rather than on-demand cable? (i should mention, none of my friends currently have Tivo, while at the same time, all of them have on-demand) . grr...

  2. My guess is that there would be a package deal. Either Tivo or Netflix would add on the other's service for a smaller fee than they would cost separately.