Monday, November 22, 2004

Netflix Tracker: Turnaround Time by Center

Turnaround time isn't my problem; it's finding time to watch them all. For those of you concerned with getting the most movies for your money, Listology's Netflix Tracker has a great feature where you can check your turnaround time according to your distribution center, as reported by users of Listology. You can see that turnaround time from the Greensboro distribution center averaged 2.43 days for the last 21 rentals. This data contradicts the idea that Netflix is slowing down deliveries for heavy users. You can see other reports, too, like per-person monthly average, or turnaround time by monthly plan. You can sign up and track your own turnaround time for free, with nothing but a pick-your-own anonymous user name and password.


  1. Man I am glad you are not my actuary! You have it backwards.

    Tha data doesn't contradict the observation that netflix slows heavy users, it proves it. the data is actually showing that the higher average per person monthly average, in general, the longer the turnaround times.

    Look at chicago: average per monthly rental is four, (very low), average turnaround 2.4 days.
    st luois, per month is five, turnaround is two days.
    Gaithersburg: average per monthly rental 8, turnaround 2.9 days.
    New Brunswick: average per monthly rental: 22 (high), average turnaround 3.5 days (very slow)

  2. I don't know if there's enough data to draw conclusions yet (or that my reports frame the data properly). If just just eyeball the data on the "Turnaround Time by Center" report, it breaks down (very) roughly thusly:

    Few rentals, poor turnaround: 5 centers
    Many rentals, poor turnaround: 3 centers
    Few rentals, good turnaround: 3 centers
    Many rentals, good turnaround: 3 centers

    What I really need to do is create a report that breaks users up into groups by throughput (1-5/month, 6-10/month, etc.), and then calculate average turnaround for those groups.

  3. Who is kidding who. Every DVD except ones that I request that come out on the day I request it always say shipping next day. This has been going on for three months now. I don't need somebody to tell me that this isn't happening. I am lucky to get 5 a week now.

  4. I'm not telling you what your personal experience has been. I'm just talking about the data I have in an aggregated form.