Friday, January 05, 2007

My Yearly stats

I saw 473 movies last year.
Of those, 65 movies were in the theatre, so the rest were on DVD or VHS (no TV).
163 were from Netflix.
42 were from Blockbuster Online.
73 were from SilverScreenArchive.
The rest were from other sources, like eBay, Amazon, Facets, Nicheflix, Public Library, or a friend.

I have seen 914 of the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.


  1. I have seen 445 Netflix movies in 2006. Just one trip to the theater to see Casino Royale. (and that was pushing it! (grin)

  2. Wow, all from Netflix?! That's a real accomplishment.

    Casino Royale is definitely a big-screen must-see.

  3. I watched 407 movies in 2006. Almost all between Netflix and Blockbuster Online. I watched about 10 in the theater. If anyone is interested or wants to compare movies i watched last year my list if on search bensower

    btw Becky very impressed with your lists!! got me addicted to that site..haha

  4. Also one other thing. Do you think you could do a Top Ten best of 2006 and The Bottom Ten of 2006?..i would be very curious to see those top tens.
    also you are my number one netflix friend at 82% similarity!!!...very nice