Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Watch Netflix Now: movie downloads come to Netflix

Hacking NetFlix reveals Netflix's new "Watch Now" movie download feature.

Good news: for no additional cost, you can watch Netflix movies on your PC.

Bad news: you can watch Netflix movies ONLY on your Windows PC.

More bad news: only a select few subscribers can see the "Watch Now" tab on their Netflix home page.

Check out Hacking Netflix's video demo of the new feature.

Read the official press release from Netflix.

P.S. The Netflix Fan blog is written on a Mac, so I'm shut out of watching anything now.


  1. Yeah lack of Mac support is pretty short-sighted by Netflix, I think. Gone are the days when web sites only support certain browsers, or require you to be using a certain operating system for downloads, etc... That's just lame.

    If you're gonna put money into a new feature - put a little extra to make sure you cover ALL users.

    Although this feature is not even live yet, for most people - so maybe that will be worked out.

  2. I'm another mac user feeling the pain. I watch my netflix vids on a Mac with Front row. My dream was that they'd have some sort of deal with Apple/iTunes.

  3. Netflix use some type of special media player they have developed to show the movies. I have Flip4mac that plays Widows Media files however Neflix have detection software for the OS. You can use either Bootcamp or Parrallel however it totatlly blows to install Windows on a Mac.