Saturday, January 06, 2007

Netflix Customer Service Number on auction

Some clown on eBay is trying to make money from disgruntled Netflix customers by auctioning the Netflix Customer Service Number for a starting bid of one dollar. Auction ends January 11, 2007. He has "1000 available."

I'll be a chump and give you a couple of numbers for free: 1-800-585-8131 and 800-715-2120.

I can't believe something like this isn't prohibited by eBay's terms of service.


  1. If enough people report this auction, I'm sure they'll take it down. Here is the reporting path that I think makes the most sense:

    Listing policy violations->No item offered for sale->Invisible or intangible items

    Although I'm not sure what kind of invisible product could be offered for sale, I think this report type applies to this listing.

  2. Thank you Sanjay! Good suggestion. I was stumped by which reporting path to use.

  3. Fortunately, at this point, no one has purchased it.

    (800) 290-4518

    is the Netflix telephone number I use.

    I think they sent it to me, a few years ago, after going back and forth in e-mail a few times. It wasn't over anything big, I was just pushing the issue, for principal's sake. Anyways, hopefully with Google, any one looking for the number in the future will easily be able to find it now.

    Walt D in LV

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