Thursday, August 18, 2005


Shorts, features unavailable for nearly a century
By Scott Hettrick 8/12/2005
Via DVD Exclusive Online:
"Talk about overdue.

Almost the entire collection of shorts and feature films of cinematic comedy legend Harold Lloyd finally will be released on DVD--some of them virtually unavailable on home video, TV and even movie theaters for nearly a century.

The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection, a three-volume, seven-disc set coming Nov. 15 ($89.95), includes 12 feature films and 16 shorts, all digitally remastered, restored and rescored, with optional original organ scores for three of the silent features that have never been heard.

In addition to hours of bonus features on each disc chronicling Lloyd's career and personal life, a stand-alone disc of bonus features includes home movies and more than 100 3D photos taken by Lloyd of Marilyn Monroe and landscapes as well as 3D photos of Lloyd on the Golden Gate Bridge and the Eiffel Tower. Lloyd-like framed 3D glasses are included.

Producer Mark Gordon describes plans for the remake of Lloyd's most famous film, Safety Last!, which is in development."

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