Monday, June 19, 2006

Does Springfield, IL have a Netflix DC?

I have a reader who would like to have confirmation that there is a Netflix distribution center in Springfield, Illinois. If you can confirm this, post a comment, and Netflix will have a new subscriber, thanks to you.


  1. I'm the reader in question in this post. It looks like there was a post on this blog last year about Springfield being a drop point for the St. Louis DC. There are some comments on Hacking Netflix that also indicate that subscribers in central IL return their movies to Springfield.

    I'm an hour south of Chicago. When I started with Blockbuster Online, I was served by their Chicago DC. Turnaround times were decent. I'm now being served by their Indianapolis DC and shipping times have become abysmal. Because of how and where the mail is sorted in my area, Springfield would probably be a faster turnaround for me than Chicago even though it's 3x farther away.

    Blockbuster's free in-store rentals are becoming less and less of an incentive because instead of supplementing the movies I get in the mail, they've been taking the place of them. I've decided to give Netflix a try once I get back from a trip next week and see where the movies go. If it's Springfield and turnaround times are good, then Netflix will indeed have a new subscriber.

  2. Thanks, Storm. I was hoping I could get an address, too. We'll see if anyone bites.

  3. Nearest Netflix Shipping Facility
    PO Box 19438
    Springfield, IL 62794-9825

    BTW, the OP wanted "confirmation that there is a Netflix distribution center in Springfield, Illinois". The post in your blog from 8-16-05 says:

    "All Swasey could say is that Springfield is a new 'drop point' for DVDs, in that they're sent here from the closest distribution center, in St. Louis."

  4. oops, I meant 9-16-05. Sorry.

  5. Regardless of the type of operation in Springfield, I know that in Champaign, IL my turn around times for movies jumped from 2-3 days to 1 day when my return addresses moved from St. Louis to Springfield.

    Have you sent feedback to Netflix about your distribution problems? I sent feedback several times how the 2-3 turn around penalized rural Netflix customers (compared to urban ones with drop boxes and 24 hour complete turn arounds,) and eventually things got better.