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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Where I get my movies, besides Netflix

I love Netflix so much, to the extent that I can take them completely for granted, like water in the pipes and electrons in the wires. Netflix continues to be amazing and reliable.

Because I've been hunting for the rare and out-of-print titles on the list of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, which Netflix doesn'thave, I tend to take for granted how many ARE available from Netflix. At the moment, they have around 800. The list changes continuously, because some drop off while others are added.

However, for the remaining titles, I have had to use other sources.

I have bought at least one title from each of the following, and received good service: (French language only)

And of course,

I have rented titles from these online video stores:
Video Library
Nicheflix a la carte

And of course,

I can't guarantee you will have equally good service from any of these stores, so if you use one of them, and they abuse you, please post a comment here, so my readers will know to avoid them.

Please, if you know of a good place to find rare movies which isn't listed here, post a link in the comments!

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  • At 6/06/2006 11:09 AM, Blogger Mike Skov said…

    You may have mentioned this already elsewhere, but what do you know about the new envelopes? Some have white trim and others have yellow.

  • At 6/06/2006 11:11 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    Nice list! Here are some more, where I find good prices and/or obscure titles. Note that often a lot of asian store sites offer American titles (in multiple region codes) at significantly lower prices than you'd find in the states.

    Midnight Video

  • At 6/06/2006 2:36 PM, Blogger Becky said…

    Thanks for the links, Mike II, and Mike I, if you could send me a scan of the yellow-trimmed envelopes, I'd appreciate it. I haven't seen any like that before.

  • At 6/09/2006 2:56 PM, Blogger Mike Skov said…

    Mike I here. When I said trim, I meant the part of the envelope where it says "OPEN THIS END" (or whatever it says; I'm not looking at an envelope now). The background of that part of the envelope used to be yellow, but no I often get white ones.

    Is this more clear?

  • At 6/09/2006 3:22 PM, Blogger Becky said…

    Yes, thank you. I hadn't noticed the change!


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