Thursday, June 29, 2006

Five things I hate about Netflix

1. I can't have a million movies at one time
2. I'm not their only customer
3. They don't have every movie and TV show ever made
4. They haven't paid me to write this blog :)
5. It's not free


  1. This is great! Sure is wishful thinking.

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  3. Two Corollaries to Number Two:

    A) Those other Netflixians who use their DVDs as coasters or hockey pucks, getting them so scratched that I can't play them.

    B) People who can't manage to match up the proper envelope with the right DVD. For example mixing up the feature with the bonus disc, the sequel with the original, the remake with the original's bonus disc... etc. ad nauseam!

  4. This last one isn't so much a hate as a peeve:

    That they won't let me queue up more than 2500 movies... (Hey, it's an improvement from when they only let me have one 500 movie queue!)

  5. I can't tell Netflix that I returned a movie so that they will send me another one right away.

    This has been less of a problem since they added a distribution center in my area.