Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Favorite things about Netflix

Easy to use Website,
Easy to use service, and
DVDs are an easy to use medium
No commercials (unless you think banner ads are commercials)
No storage limitations
Easy to change your address, so your movies can follow you anywhere
No equipment to buy or lease (yet)
No contract
No installation (yet)
No cancellation penalty
Cancel anytime
Constant stream of movies coming and going
I get nothing but what I want
Less risk of getting a crap film
No schedules
No due dates
No wasted trips to video store for out-of-stock titles
No travelling to and from the video store
No forgetting what to rent
Biggest selection possible
No late fees
Learning about new films I didn't know existed
Keeps me within my budget
Free shipping and handling
Rapid turnaround
Clever envelope design
Clever distribution system
Widely loved by a great online community of fellow members
No porn
RSS feeds
Member reviews
Great recommendations system
It's not Blockbuster, Walmart, or Amazon
Easy to buy cheap DVDs
Easy to share movies, ratings, and recommendations with Netflix Friends
Gift subscriptions
Zillions of previews

Do you have a favorite thing about Netflix which I failed to mention?


  1. If used regularly, Netflix is much cheaper than brick-and-mortar. Thus, Netflix is cost-effective. Slightly different than "Keeps me within my budget."

  2. They have you as a fan.

  3. Aw, pornstudent, you're sweet.

  4. Wow. That's a crapload of reasons to like Netflix. I agree with all of them except the no porn thing. I really like (although I don't use it) the multiple queues thing. I hear people bitch about which person in their house has control of the queue all the time and there is a perfect solution for it built right in.

    You should do a things you don't like about Netflix thing. I know it might be painful but it might be a good excercise. Mine would start with the new AJAX "You might also like..." screen. I really liked it better before.

  5. That's a good idea, Chris, I think I'll do that.

  6. Rapid Turnaround? I've heard tons of stories about throttling, from credible sources too. Are they true?

  7. The vast majority of Netflix subscribers receive rapid turnaround, of 1-2 days delivery time. Only a tiny, vocal minority are experiencing any significant restrictions on their usage, and that is due to their excessive utilization of the service. Yes, the stories of "throttling" are true, but overblown.

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