Thursday, February 24, 2005

Attention, Netflix! Listen Up!

This is for you, Netflix:

"Internet experts say some blogs are adept at synthesising public opinion and can be a powerful force that companies ignore at their peril."

"easy-to-use blogging software and powerful search engines are now creating vast and efficient "word of mouth networks" on which tens of millions can compare information."

"'If companies don't understand that and don't learn how to track what people are saying, they are going to be hit violently with PR problems that they don't understand or know where they are coming from,'says Robert Scoble, a Microsoft employee who writes a popular tech blog."

"Some executives have started their own blogs to proselytise about their companies, while others are responding by hiring one of an increasing number of intelligence firms that monitor online traffic.

But Mike Masnick, chief executive of Techdirt, one such firm, says most companies are oblivious to blogs and those that are aware do not know how to respond.

He believes the best strategy is to engage bloggers openly and honestly in their realm. Any whiff of insincerity will be picked up and turned against a company."

"'It's the new world and you want to be part of the conversation,' says Mr Scoble. Mr Masnick is quick to agree. 'Companies that don't recognise this are going to get bitten,' he says. " Read the rest at Financial Times (registration required)

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  1. there is a netflix blog that has been mentioned twice in the print edition of my local paper. seems to be the main blog on netflix and is at: