Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Netflix did a bang-up job today

I returned five DVDs yesterday. I knew better, but I did it anyway. We were iced in this past weekend :). Anyhow, Netflix received all five today, and shipped four more. One is shipping tomorrow. I'd say that's pretty good. According to my account history, I have rented 21 discs from Netflix in the last 30 days. I've rented 65 in the last 90 days. Shouldn't they be "throttling" me? I just want to say, the Greensboro distribution center is the BEST.


  1. I'm usually pretty pleased with the flushing return center. I will be putting 3 dvds in the mail tonight will hopefully go out tomorrow and maybe have something by saturday. This is a little experiment as I have had these ready to return for longer but I want to see.

    I am on 5 at a time now but will be returning to 3 soon because I am pretty busy.

    Here is a question-if you quit netflix and want to rejoin do you have to redo your queue? or is it saved somewhere?

  2. Try doing that 3 times in a month. :-)

    I regularly send back 4-6 DVD's at once over the weekends, especially with all the snow keeping me inside the past month or so. It wasn't until the third weekend in a row of sending back that many titles that I saw a delay in recieving/shipping.

    On Monday of last week, I dropped 4 titles in the mail. Three showed up as recieved on Tuesday, with one new dvd shipping that day (recieved it on Tuesday). Two other titles shipped from another center on Tuesday (recieve them Friday). The final title finally showed up as recieved by Netflix on Thursday, shipped that day, and was recieved by me on Saturday.

    Now, even if that only happens once in three occurances, I'm still happy.

  3. I've noticed Lansing's service has gotten better in the last week, however the preceeding five weeks before that were horrible. I plan on cancelling my account for a while, letting it settle into a privledged status again, then getting the service you seem to.

  4. What's up with Netflix? They accidently shipped a disc today for one that was received today. My last seven discs were all held for an extra day. My rental history shows 16 returns in the last 30 days. A few days ago, I had it as high as 18 discs returned, but this is on the 3 out plan. I would guess that the "throttling" threshold on the 5 out plan would be around 22-24/month, where Netflix finds itself shipping a 6th or even a 7th disc regularly each week.

    Last Tuesday night I signed up for the BB 30 day trial. I had 3 titles shipped on Wednesday and 2 more were shipped on Saturday when a pair of the initial discs were returned. I was surprised to find two titles in my BB queue listed as "Very long wait."

    If BB's website wasn't so awful, I would consider switching between BB and Netflix every couple of months as each begins to throttle rentals. Hopefully being a "new customer" and not having a full 90 days rental history would delay the onset of "throttling" for a couple of weeks.

  5. Cancelling and registering for these services is so simple, fast, and easy, that you could switch services every month if you wanted to.

  6. About a week ago, half the movies in my Netflix queue went to "Very Long Wait." Fortunately, as they get to the top of the queue, they have become available. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

  7. yeah I highly recommended canceliing every few months. it takes a couple of minutes. With all the free software out there to handle your netflix account it takes me about 20 seconds do reinsert my whole que.

    I let my netflix go fallow for six weeks (signed up to blockbuster during that time), and re subscribed. my films started coming at a reasonable turnaround again with the new account.

    two minutes to set up a new yahoo account and two mintues to set up a new netflix account.

    As an asside I have foudn that the old saw about blockbuster not having as many titles is wrong. I went to rent cleopatra with liz taylor at netflix - could not find it - but blockbuster online has it. right now they seem to have more titles than netflix.